Sky + Mosmatic Graffiti Remover

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The Graffiti remover has an upgraded swivel and rotor arm for more industrial applications such as graffiti removal. It is also used in restoring a wide variety of surfaces, as well as indoor and outdoor contract cleaning.

  • With fluid recovery port
  • Ready to use
  • Designed for higher pressures

Technical Data:

Pressure: 5000 psi

Temperature: 250 degrees F

Inlet 3/8" NPTF


Recovery System

Environmental protection is more important than ever. These recovery units have a double wall housing to optimize vacuum power.

Residual water and debris can be recovered, recycled and reused.

Rotor Arms

Can withstand up to 7300 psi, are precision welded and balanced.

2cw2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles) Part number 82.321 (dia 6") or Part number 82.323 (dia 10")

Brush Ring

Ideal for outdoor applications such as concrete, brick, limestone or wood surfaces.

Plastic Rim Guard

Indoor use, prevents dirt and debris from building up on the rim. Adheres to purity regulation in the food and clinical industries

Swiss Engineering

High rpm stainless steel swivel features reinforced self lubricated stainless stell ball bearings for improved performance. The dual spring based carbide seal system, guarantees long lasting operation under tough conditions.

DYW Swivel (part number 55.010)

 Name Part No. Diameter Weight Swivel Rotor Arm HP-Nozzles HP-Gun
FL-ABB 200 78.285 8" 6 1x DYW 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 1503 1x
FL-ABK 200* 78.286 8" 6.2 1x DYW
2x 1/8" NPTF
2x 1503
FL-ABB 300 78.287 12" 7.1 1x DYW
2x 1/8" NPTF
2x 1503
FL-ABK 300* 78.288 12" 7.3 1x DYW
2x 1/8" NPTF
2x 1503


* with Plastic rim guard