Sky + Mosmatic Gum Remover

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Sky + Mosmatic takes the edge off work with the "All-in-one“ cleaning tool.

Remove chewing gum from public areas such as sidewalks, train stations, parks and school facilities.

  • Effective and efficient cleaning
  • With fluid recovery system
  • Gum remover bracket

NOTE: This purchase requires a Gum Remover Nozzle that must be ordered separately based upon the size/strength of your pressure washer. e have three sizes of nozzle listed and available in our store:

Chewing Gum Remover Nozzle

This special nozzle, uses it's own trigger gun to activate on chewing gum or persistent stains. The high pressure jets impact at a 45 degree angle to cut and lift the gum.

Available Sizes: Look separately in our store for this item.

#3 (20.102, #4 (29.103), #5 (29.119)


Recovery System

Environmental protection is more important than ever, leading to the need to recycle waste water. The dual housing and vacuum port allow this function.

Residual water and debris can be recovered, recycled and reused.

Adjustable in height

Stainless steel frame for added stability. Optimized cleaning results with the height adjustable housing.

Stainless Steel Caster (Premium Quality)

Four 4" stainless steel casters with custom mounting brackets insure easy maneuvering even in confined spaces. (sold separately as part number 80.956)

Rotor Arms

Can withstand up to 7300 psi, and are precision welded and balanced.

2cw2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles)

Sold Separately as part number 82.946 (18.5")

3cw3 (3 Arms / 3 Nozzles)

Sold Separately as part number 82.947 (27.5')

Swiss Engineering

High rpm stainless steel swivel, features reinforced self lubricated stainless steel ball bearings for improved performance. The dual spring based carbide seal system, guarantees long lasting operation under tough conditions.

DYCI Swivel

Part Number 55.253

 Name Part No. Dia Weight Swivel Rotor Arm HP-Nozzles HP-Gun Stainless Steel Caster
FL-AHB-KAU 520 80.786 21" 44 lbs 1x DYCI 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 1503 2x 4x Dia 4"
FL-AHK-KAU 520* 80.787 21" 44 lbs 1x DYCI 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 1503 2x 4x Dia 4"
FL-AHB-KAU 750 80.788 30" 58.5 lbs 1x DYCI 3x 1/8" NPTF 3x 1503 2x 4x Dia 4"


*The FL-AHK-KAU 520 comes with plastic rim guard, no brush ring