Sky + Mosmatic Allrounder Cleaner

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Mosmatic Allrounder with recovery is ideal for smaller and hard to reach areas both indoors and out. Small compact and lightweight design is ideal for jobs large or small.

  • Integrate high quality toggle swivel
  • With fluid recovery system
  • Ready to use

Technical Data:

Pressure 4000 psi

Temperature 250 Degrees F

Inlet 3/8" NPTF


Recovery System

Environmental protection is more important than ever. These recovery units have a double wall housing to optimize vacuum power.

Residual water and debris can be recovered, recycled and reused.

Rotor Arms

Can withstand up to 4000 psi, are precision welded and balanced.

2w2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles) Part number 82.621 (dia 6")

2w2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles) Part number 82.623 (dia 10")

Proven Innovation

Developed by Mosmatic and in service for years, the toggle swivel has proven itself. The toggle joint feature allows effortless cleaning of walls and angled surfaces. The movement of the joint is adjustable for fatigue free cleaning.

KDYF Toggle Swivel (Part Number 58.908)

Stainless Steel Caster

Heavy duty diameter 2 1/4" casters with custom mounting brackets insure easy maneuvering even in confined spaces.

Stainless Steel Caster (Part Number 80.943)

Caster for 8" diameter (Part Number 80.922)

 Name Part No. Dia Weight Swivel Rotor Arm Nozzles HP-Gun Wheels
FL-AER 200 78.290 8" 9.2 lbs 1x KDYF 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 1503 1x 3x dia 1 3/4"
FL-AER 300 78.292 12" 12.3 lbs 1x KDYF 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 1503 1x 3x dia 2 1/4"