Sky + Mosmatic Steaminator

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It is possible to clean walls and other surfaces with steam. Save time with the Steaminator! Steam cleaning is a great way to disinfect, sterilize or degrease surfaces. By using this cleaner you are able to clean 4-5 times quicker than using a wand. The complete stainless steel construction makes them perfect for the medical and food industries.

  • Steam cleaned surfaces are flash dry
  • Adjustable drive and impact angle
  • Huge time saving

Technical Data:

Pressure 300 psi

Temperature 350 degrees F

Inlet 3/8"NPTM

Throughput medium Steam

Works best with a 10kW steam machine


High quality swivel

The heart of a Mosmatic Steaminator is the swivel which is reinforced with self lubricating, stainless steel ball bearings and a high temperature seal system. The DXF is specially designed for high revolutions to ensure long lasting durability. Both STM models come with our patented swivel. This swivel is perfect for cleaning many surfaces including walls while remaining flush to the surface.

KDXF Toggle Swivel for 12" diameter - part number 38.905

DXF Swivel for 8" diameter - part number 38.904

Rotor arm

The adjustable rotor arm allows the user to change the spray angle and the impact on the surface being cleaned.

2s2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles)

Part number 88.935 (6" dia)

Part number 88.936 (10" dia)

Recovery System

The double walled housing and reclaim port allow you to attach your vacuum system to the unit. This decreases drying time and allows the user to recover and recycle the used liquid and residue, making it an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning with just one wand.

Polyamide Casters

The casters allow free movement in any direction while keeping the nozzles and even distance from the cleaning surface. Fatigue is therefore reduced while saving you time and energy.

Polyamide Caster Part Number 80.986 (for 8" and 12" diameters)

Splash protection

The plastic rim guard prevents over spray and flying debris. It is extremely effective thanks to the wavy design

 Name Part No. Dia Swivel Rotor Arm Nozzles PA Casters Weight
STM 200 78.094 8" 1x DXF 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 18.50290 3x dia 2" 5.7 lbs
STM 300 78.194 12" 1x KDXF 2x 1/8" NPTF 2x 18.50290 3x dia 2" 8.8 lbs


Steam gun not included.