Sky + Mosmatic TRL Cleaning Wand

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This complete cleaning wand with rotating spinner head was designed to clean tanks, plastic containers, trash cans and portable toilets. There are three nozzles included with the spinner head. Two are adjustable nozzles and are located on the side and one on the end of the unit. Side cleaning nozzles also prevent forward blowback.

  • Complete solution
  • Delivered ready to install
  • Ergonomic design

Technical Data

Pressure 4000 psi

Temperature 250 degrees F

Inlet 3/8" NPTF

Throughput ph 3-12

TRL Wand with Swivel

 Part No. IN Swivel Length Diameter HP-Nozzle Weight
81.925 3/8" NPTF yes 62" 6" 3x 0502 4.9 lbs


Important: Do not use unprotected!