Comparison between Gutter Cleaning Systems: 85 and Interceptor

Comparing Gutter Cleaning Systems: SkyVac 85 and SkyVac Interceptor

Gutter cleaning is a crucial task for many businesses and homeowners. Ever pondered which equipment suits this job best?

The SkyVac 85 Elite and SkyVac Interceptor stand as top-tier solutions designed to tackle tough gutter cleaning tasks, but what distinguishes them?

SkyVac 85 Elite Industrial Gutter Cleaning System

SkyVac 85 Gutter Cleaning Vacuuum

The SkyVac 85 Elite, an industrial wet and dry vacuum, is tailored to clear stubbornly blocked gutters. Key features include:

  • Three Industrial-Strength Motors: Deliver powerful suction and cleaning efficiency.
  • Water Lift: Provides 150” of water lift for effective debris removal.
  • Container Capacity: Holds 20.5 gallons, ideal for extended cleaning sessions.
  • Side Debris Canister Entrance: Prevents time-consuming filter blockages often found with center entrances.
  • Applications: Perfect for commercial and industrial gutter cleaning, handling both wet and dry applications.
  • Weight: At 80 lbs, it's relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Dimensions: Measures 42.5" in height, 27.5" in width, and 24" in depth.

SkyVac Interceptor Gutter Vacuum

SkyVac Interceptor Gutter Cleaning System

The SkyVac Interceptor, the world’s first fully independent gutter cleaning system, boasts standout features, including:

  • Gas-Driven Power: Driven by a Honda engine, ensuring independence from external electrical sources.
  • Water Lift: Provides an impressive 155” of water lift.
  • Container Capacity: Boasts a larger 24-gallon capacity.
  • All-Terrain Trolley: Mounted on a robust, multi-directional trolley for easy maneuverability.
  • Blow Function: Includes a blow feature for self-unblocking and removing larger debris like pine needles and leaves.
  • Reach: Can clean gutters up to 40 feet high using 8 poles.
  • Weight: Weighs 172 lbs, making it suitable for rugged landscapes.
  • Dimensions: Measures 42" in height, 25" in width, and 56" in depth.

85 Elite vs. Interceptor: Detailed Comparison



Power Source

SkyVac 85 Elite: Requires an electrical power source, usually a generator with a minimum of 6500 starting watts.
SkyVac Interceptor: Powered by a gas-driven Honda engine, offering complete independence from an electrical supply.


SkyVac 85 Elite: At 80 lbs, it's lighter and more mobile, facilitating easier transport and maneuverability.
SkyVac Interceptor: Weighs 172 lbs, designed for rugged terrain and heavy-duty use.


SkyVac 85 Elite: Compact in size, occupying less space in transport but necessitates an additional generator.
SkyVac Interceptor: Larger, taking up more space, but serves as an all-in-one solution without requiring a separate generator.


SkyVac 85 Elite: Typically has a lower upfront cost, but additional expenses for a generator should be considered.
SkyVac Interceptor: Higher initial cost, but no need for an external generator, potentially saving on long-term expenses.

Container Capacity

SkyVac 85 Elite: 20.5-gallon capacity, suitable for most commercial and industrial cleaning tasks.
SkyVac Interceptor: Larger 24-gallon capacity, perfect for extended cleaning sessions without frequent emptying.

Noise Level

SkyVac 85 Elite: Operates at a quieter 72 decibels, suitable for noise-sensitive environments.
SkyVac Interceptor: Louder at 107 decibels due to its gas engine, which may be a consideration for residential areas.

Optional Features

SkyVac 85 Elite: No sieve basket option but includes multiple cleaning tools and accessories.
SkyVac Interceptor: Offers an optional sieve basket and key start feature, providing additional convenience and functionality.

Piggybacking Option

SkyVac 85 Elite: Cannot be piggybacked.
SkyVac Interceptor: Can be piggybacked to enhance vacuum efficiency, boosting its cleaning power for tough jobs.


Selecting between the SkyVac 85 Elite and SkyVac Interceptor hinges on specific needs and operational environments:

  • SkyVac 85 Elite: Perfect for lighter, more portable applications where an electrical supply is readily available. Its lightweight design and quieter operation make it suitable for urban or residential settings.
  • SkyVac Interceptor: Ideal for larger, more demanding environments with limited access to electricity. Its self-contained, gas-powered system provides enhanced flexibility and extended cleaning capabilities.

Both models deliver outstanding performance and reliability, ensuring your gutter cleaning tasks are handled efficiently and effectively. Whether you opt for the SkyVac 85 Elite or the SkyVac Interceptor, SkyVac guarantees the quality and support required to keep your gutters clean and functional.

Still undecided on which SkyVac is right for your business? Contact us  for personalized assistance or click to see the SkyVac Comparison and find the best system for you!

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