About us

About SkyVac®

Clean Direct Inc., dba SkyVac USA & Canada is based out of North Carolina, USA and serves all of North America. It is the intersection of specialty cleaning products and modern distribution. This team has built a distributorship purposely built to combine traditional distribution with direct sales, e-commerce, digital marketing and a full-service sales and customer experience team.

Why are we unique?

Clean Direct® offers a 360º degree approach to the industry. As a master distributor we stock many brands in our 80,000 sq. ft facility where we offer fulfillment, express & freight shipping, pre-sales & post-sales support, service and warranty work. SkyVac®️ is one of our leading brands.

Our efforts are built upon the Clean Direct® online platform. Our network of knowledgeable, independent staff and sales agents provide local representation and are specially trained in solving your unique needs. We have specialists available for each product line.


Meet our team:

CEO & Founder, Garrett McAlister


Garrett McAlister New Profile Picture

Entrepreneurship started early. Garrett began his journey in grade school where he sold candy on the school bus. In college he started a t-shirt company and after graduation a small chain of candy stores.

Later he worked for a Fortune 500 technology company holding various roles in sales, channels, project management and business intelligence. This spanned 16 years, while also running a large eBay business selling cars & other stuff online. This eventually led to opening a local car dealership, still on the side.

He just couldn't shake the entrepreneurial bug so...

In 2016 he left corporate life and opened a business which would eventually become the master distributorship for SkyVac® USA & Canada, later adding The Mosmatic Professional, Ionic Systems USA, Goodbye Gum! and other niche cleaning brands to this international portfolio. 

Since that time Clean Direct® was incorporated and has become the "umbrella" brand representing multiple manufacturers in the specialty cleaning industry. Clean Direct's goal is to become the #1 specialty cleaning source in North America. We serve professional cleaners and facility managers.

In 2020 Clean Direct® relocated to a large distribution facility located in Sanford NC. Please feel free to visit the showroom.




Operations Manager, Jimmy Barefoot

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Jimmy spent 16 years self-employed in the shipping industry. He owned and operated a local Ship and Pack center with moving trucks. Before that he worked 9 years in a large transportation center, managing logistics and shipping.

One of the most important aspects of today's sales program is an effective, timely & efficient shipping operation. Jimmy raises the bar on logistics quality. He coordinates hundreds of freight shipments and thousands of small parcel packages a year. He also manages inventory and warehousing.


Independent Services Consultant, Pete Owens

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Pete has a unique gift of being able to fix anything. He has a background in design, mechanics, carpentry and a whole bag of other talents, Pete takes on service & specialty projects as an independent consultant. You should see his Matchbox car collection. Oh and he's into 3D Printing, pretty cool.


Independent Sales Specialist, Nick Paluzzi

 Nick Paluzzi New Profile Picture

Nick spent many years as a professional musician. He also owned a services business and has a background in engineering. He now specializes in cleaning solutions for many types of organizations across North America. He is a specialist in SkyVac® and Mosmatic.


Independent Sales Specialist, Josh Ogle



Josh comes from the HVAC industry where he was a technician for several years; however, during this time he developed a passion for sales. He started a local business in the Christmas light installation industry and stays busy with that during the holiday season. Through the year he's focused on helping customers start and grow their specialty cleaning businesses.



Independent Sales Specialist, Kim Little

Kim Little New Profile Picture

Kim has owned and operated Clear Carolina Window Cleaning (with his wife) for 20 years. He offers a ton of knowledge and experience to the window cleaning industry. He specializes in Ionic Systems. He loves to travel, especially to Vegas and on cruises. His favorite saying is "Cool Beans" and he loves little tiny dogs. Cool Beans!


Virtual Sales, Lynn Gardner


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Lynn spent years in food service sales where she developed a strong customer experience background. After quite some time in the Customer Experience role she has now moved on to Virtual Sales and enjoys working day-to-day with customers across all of our various product lines. She's a great, positive person with a sense of humor and an incredible work ethic.

Inventory Manager, Suzanne Mitts

Suzanne Mitts New Profile Picture

Suzanne specializes in inventory management, vendor management, shipping functions, updating our online product sets and other various crucial tasks. She has a passion for fantasy and science fiction genres, one of her favorites is Lord of the Rings. 


Shipping, Casey Twombly

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Casey specializes in order fulfillment for smaller to mid-sized packages. She has a passion for music.


Marketing, Diana Alves

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Joining us virtually from Brazil, Diana started in administration, lead management, analytics and all types of miscellaneous jobs that help our company stay on track. She now has moved over to digital marketing.  She also loves rap and soccer, I mean football or futebol or...you know what I mean. She also loves the Brazilian Carnival, which is one helluva celebration!

Customer Experience, Gisela Bozeli

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Joining us virtually from Brazil, Gisela handles customer experience and administrative tasks. She loves to travel, cook and learn new languages.