Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact SkyVac USA & Canada?
  • What is a SkyVac®️?
  • Why Use a SkyVac®️?
  • Who Uses SkyVac®️?
  • SkyVac®️ Costs
  • SkyVac®️ Specifications Comparison
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  • Financing
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  • Warranty
  • Electrical Requirements/Generators
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  • Marketing


Q: How do I contact SkyVac USA & Canada?

A: Please call us at 844-759-8227 or contact us here . We are physically located at 1000 N Horner Blvd, Sanford NC 27330. We have a full showroom and we are available by appointment for demonstrations & business training.


Q: What is SkyVac®️?

A: SkyVac®️ is a series of products designed for home, commercial & industrial vacuuming specifically designed for cleaning gutters, high ceilings & long-reach spaces. The system consists of a vacuum, long carbon fiber vacuum poles, a video camera and a carbon fiber telescopic pole. In the USA & Canada we currently offer multiple models.


Q: Why use the SkyVac®️?

A: In the USA there are over 90,000 hospitalized injuries due to ladders each year. The number one reason people fall off ladders is because they are carrying something up or down the ladder (like a blower). SkyVac®️ significantly reduces the need for ladders. This minimizes the risk to the customer and to the service provider. Additionally, SkyVac®️ usually reduces the amount of labor needed to complete jobs. Savings comes in several forms but most notably reduction in the number of individuals needed, less up-and-down ladder movement and less property clean-up at the end of the job.


Q: Who Uses SkyVac®️?

A: SkyVac®️ has been sold in Europe, Asia & Australia since 2012. In February of 2016 SkyVac USA & Canada was launched and headquartered in Raleigh-Durham NC. There are primarily two main applications in the field: 1) Gutter Cleaning 2) High-Reach or Long-Reach Cleaning; however, the SkyVac®️ Inspection System (SkyCam & SkyPole) have multiple, additional applications. Service Providers, Companies & Homeowners purchase the SkyVac®️. Many users provide these services to other customers and some users purchase for their own use at their business or home.


Q: How much does the SkyVac®️ cost?

A: This depends on your needs. A residential DIY (Do-it-Yourself) system is around $1000 for the SkyVac®️ Mighty Atom.  A service provider who provides residential & commercial services will use the SkyVac®️ 78 or SkyVac®️ 85. This costs between $3,500-$6,000 with shipping depending on the accessories needed. The SkyVac®️ Interceptor (gas driven) does not require a generator. It costs $6,000-$8000 depending on accessories needed.


Q: Where can I compare the various systems?

A: Click here for a side-by-side comparison.


Q: How long does it take to receive a SkyVac®️ after I have ordered?

A: Lead times vary. Most orders are shipped or hand-delivered within 2-3 weeks in the USA & Canada. SkyVac USA & Canada is now stocking units in our Sanford NC warehouse (RDU Area) and in some instances we can deliver in days locally or within a 5 hour drive radius. If you would like to come pick it up from our facility we are happy to accommodate. Check with our sales team to get a definitive estimate on delivery time.


Q: Is financing available?

A: Yes, we offer multiple types of financing for customers. 

Please visit us here to see all the options we offer.


Q: Where can I see a demonstration of the SkyVac?

A: SkyVac USA & Canada offers regularly scheduled SkyVac Training Days where demos are offered at our location in Sanford, NC. We also conduct many demos and trainings before, during & after the trade shows where we exhibit. Call 844-759-8227 to speak with a sales associate to arrange an upcoming demo.


Q: What is the SkyVac®️ warranty? Where do I get parts if something breaks?

A: The SkyVac®️ comes with a one year parts-replacement warranty that starts from date of delivery. SkyVac USA & Canada stocks parts & accessories in the Sanford NC facility and can direct ship to your location. If you need a warranty replacement part call 844-759-8227 or contact us here. You can purchase additional gutter cleaning attachments or cleaning tools & accessories on this site.


Q: What are the electrical requirements for SkyVac®️?

A: SkyVac®️ 85 (Gutter Cleaning)- typically requires generator for outdoor use. We do not recommend plugging into residential outlets.

A: SkyVac®️ 78 ( High Ceiling Cleaning)- can run on generator but usually not an issue in commercial buildings. Also most homes post-1990 have 20 amp circuits installed for the kitchen to power commercial grade appliances.

A: SkyVac®️ 30 (High Ceiling Cleaning)- standard 120v 15 amp outlet requirement.

A: SkyVac®️ Mighty Atom (High Ceiling Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning) - standard 120v 15 amp outlet requirement.

Type Generator Motors  Voltage Amps  Running Watts Peak Watts
SkyVac 85 120V Yes 2 120V 20 2600 4400
SkyVac 85 240V Yes 3 240V 30 3300 6500
SkyVac 78 Yes 2 120V 20 2600 4400
SkyVac 30 No 1 120V 15 1500 1800
SkyVac A37 G No 2 120V 15 1100 1500
SkyVac Atom No 1 120V 15 1600 2000


The SkyVac®️ 85 3 motor 240V system ships with a 4 prong twist-lock that plugs straight into your generator.

The SkyVac®️ 85 & 78 2 motor 120V system ships with a standard NEMA plug with a 20 amp requirement.

Here is a picture of what the plug looks like for the SkyVac®️ 85 (2 motor) & SkyVac®️ 78 which requires 20 amps. Note that one prong is turned sideways to denote 20 Amp Requirement.

20 Amp Plug 15 Amp 20 Amp Outlet Comparison

If you are doing internal cleaning (SkyVac®️ 78) most commercial buildings and residential homes built after 1990 have 20 amp service. Homes usually have them in the kitchen to power commercial appliances. If an outlet supports 20 amps then the original electrician should have installed the sideways turned prong; however, if you run into a situation where an outlet has 20 amp service but a 15 amp female outlet was installed then you can use an adapter easily purchased online or at your local hardware store. 

15 Amp NEMA 5-15 Male to 20 Amp NEMA 5-20 Female Adapter

If you are offering residential gutter cleaning as a service then we highly recommend that you DO NOT plug into the home. Instead power your SkyVac®️ 85 with a mobile generator.


Q: Can I use a Drop or Extension Cord?

A: Yes, but only per our recommendation.

Always use a good heavy gauge cable that will help impedance (current flow). A very long extension cable will cause voltage drop. Too much voltage drop may damage your equipment. This will also void your 1 year warranty.

SkyVac USA & Canada currently supports up to a 100 ft extension cord with a heavy gauge wire, minimum 10 gauge. The SkyVac®️ comes with 26 ft of power cable and 20 ft of vacuuming flexi-hose. Using an extension cable longer than 100 ft. voids the warranty.

Power cables are used at your own risk.


Q: Where can I purchase a generator to run my SkyVac®️?

A: Three popular big box retailers who sell generators are:

  • Tractor Supply Co (Generac, Champion, & Kohler)
  • Harbor Freight Tools (Predator)
  • Northern Tool (Honda, Generac, Powerhorse, NorthStar)

Honda brand generators are considered the best in the industry and are the quietest; however, they are the also the most expensive.


Q: Does the carbon fiber poles used with the SkyVac®️ conduct electricity?

A: Yes, carbon fiber does conduct electricity. Users must be careful when using around power lines and should not operate during electrical/lightning storms.


Q: How do I get help marketing my gutter cleaning services?

A: SkyVac USA & Canada provides a media kit accessible online to help you with your marketing efforts. This includes high resolution images and some sample flyers, etc. We are also happy to discuss our experiences and share best practices to help grow your business. Just ask!


Q: How much can I make cleaning gutters?

A: This amount varies across the country. Commercial accounts typically pay more than residential accounts. We see one and two story residential cleanings ranging between $100-175 per house and higher in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. This does not include extra services like removing gutter guards, gutter repair, cleaning clogged downspouts, or cleaning years of built-up-gutter-debris. More treacherous landscapes and higher pitched roofs get a premium. Commercial apartment buildings range from $300-$600 in most areas. Some cleaners charge by linear foot. Almost all areas require regular service at least twice a year.