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Ionic Systems

Ionic Systems Pure20 Triton (You Choose)

Ionic Systems Pure20 Triton (You Choose)

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Triton™ is a high performance, manual fill, full five-stage RO/DI system. Fully automated fill with PFS™, ROMS™, & PDI™ is available as an optional extra.

Triton available in several sizes. Please choose below.

  • Fully welded, stainless steel chassis, crash-tested and certified to FMVSS-208
  • 300-1000 Liter Black Polypropylene, Spark-tested tank, with full internal baffling
  • Auto-Compensating Flow Controller
  • Automatic Shut Off (when the tank is full)
  • 4040 HF5 Reverse Osmosis Membrane (capable of producing over 370 Liters per hour)
  • 0-inch 5 Micron and Carbon pre-filters (to protect the RO Membrane) in clear housings
  • 7-Liter De-Ionization tank (fully refillable) filled with Ionic DI Resin
  • Twin 100PSI Pumps with automatic shut-off


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