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Ionic Systems Trion: Your Ultimate Filtration Solution

Tired of struggling with stubborn dirt on your windows, solar panels, or exterior surfaces?

The Ionic Systems Trion RO/DI Electric System is the answer you've been looking for!

Ionic Systems Trion Portable RO DI Pure Water Window Cleaning System

This cutting-edge multi-stage filtration unit is tailored for various exterior cleaning applications, including windows, solar panels, and hard surfaces. Its durable and compact design, combined with straightforward operation, makes it ideal for residential and light commercial cleaning jobs wherever water and electricity are present (a generator can also be utilized).

Effective Water Purification

The Trion employs a dual purification method of reverse osmosis (RO) and de-ionization (DI), making it particularly effective in hard water areas. It features an electric brass pump powered by a 110v motor, ensuring consistent performance and precise control.

Ideal for Professional and Maintenance Use

Professionals in window cleaning trust the Trion to access hard-to-reach areas of modern buildings, such as courtyards and rooftops, for atrium cleaning and high-rise buildings using suspended platforms. Building maintenance crews also rely on the Trion for routine window and facade cleaning.

Superior Build and Performance

The Trion is built with a stainless steel RO housing and plastic housings for the DI and Carbon filters, ensuring durability and high performance. The stainless steel RO housing can handle higher pressures, resulting in higher quality pure water. Operating at a peak pressure of 160 psi, the Trion can produce up to 5 liters of pure water per minute.

Handling Extremely Hard Water

In areas where water hardness is exceptionally high, an In-line water Softener is recommended to remove harmful calcium, improving performance and extending the life of the RO filter membrane. The Trion includes a simple manual backwash process for the RO membrane, ensuring it remains efficient.

Key Features:

  • 3-Stage Water Treatment:
    • Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine, protecting the RO membrane.
    • RO Filter: Mechanically filters water, rejecting up to 98% of impurities.
    • DI Filter: Polishes water to zero parts per million (PPM).

      3-Stage Water Filter Trion Ionic System

  • Shut-Off Valve: Provides controlled water flow.
  • Automatic Dry-Run Protection: Stops operation when water is not present to prevent damage.
  • Electric Powered Water Pump: Delivers consistent water pressure.
  • Pressure Gauge: Displays system pressure for monitoring.
  • High-Pressure Stainless Steel Filter Housing: Enhances RO pressure and water production.


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In search of the ideal solution? Trion has what you need! For additional info, feel free to reach out or explore our offerings on the Skyvac website.

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