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Know More about SkyVac 78 and Its Internal Tools

Ever struggled with cleaning those hard-to-reach high ceilings and tall walls?

Imagine an easy and efficient way to tackle such challenging tasks. Introducing the SkyVac® 78, the professional interior vacuum system that makes cleaning large spaces like factories, warehouses, schools, a breeze.

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What is the SkyVac® 78?

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The SkyVac® 78 is a powerful industrial vacuum designed for high-level dusting and cleaning. It's perfect for use in various environments, including churches, theaters, hotels, airports, and retail stores. With its impressive reach and robust suction power, this system ensures that even the most challenging cleaning tasks are handled effortlessly.

Why Choose the SkyVac 78?

Dry brushing or dusting can disperse fine particles into the air, which can then drift and settle on surfaces over time. The SkyVac® 78 tackles this problem head-on with its powerful 7166 Litres Per Minute airflow, which sucks up and removes fine dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne. This makes high-reach cleaning an efficient and effective way to capture and remove dust at its source, keeping your environment clean and healthy.

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Internal Tools: The Perfect Cleaning Companions

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But what truly sets the SkyVac® 78 apart is its range of internal tools that make your cleaning tasks even more manageable. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

1. Your Choice of Pole Set or Telescopic Pole

Available in two types, the poles can be tailored to meet the needs of each cleaning challenge:

    1. Elevate Clamped Suction Poles: These budget-friendly poles provide maximum stability and control for high-level cleaning. They are quick to assemble and dismantle, making them a convenient option.

    2. Telescopic Suction Poles: Made of lightweight carbon fiber, these poles are easy to extend to the required height and lock in place securely. They are available in four height packages, ensuring you have the right tool for any job.
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        2. Approximately 20 Feet (6 Meters) of Flexi Hose

        This flexible hose, with a diameter of 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters), allows for easy maneuverability and access to tight spaces. It's designed to work seamlessly with the SkyVac® 78, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning experience.

        3. Six Assorted Internal Brush Tools

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        These brushes are perfect for optimizing your high dusting cleaning and are compatible with the 1.75" (44mm) SkyVac® Suction Poles. The set contains two angled carbon fiber tool holders for easy access in hard-to-reach locations, such as overhead beams. It's complemented by a variety of brush options, ideal for large areas and tight crevices. The perfect high-reach cleaning set.

        Key Features:

        • Compatible with 1.75" (44mm) SkyVac® Push Fit Suction Poles
        • Designed for handling a range of daily high-level internal cleaning tasks
        • Complete with two tool holders at 65° and 155°

        Brushes Included:

        1. Small Pipe Brush: Ideal for cleaning narrow spaces.
        2. Small Sidewinder Brush: Great for reaching tricky corners.
        3. Small Round Brush: Perfect for general dusting.
        4. Crevice Tool Brush: Excellent for getting into tight gaps.
        5. Finger Brush: Versatile for various surfaces.
        6. Angled Black Bristle Brush: Perfect for angled surfaces.

        These brushes are an essential part of your kit for high-level internal cleaning jobs. They are designed to reach small corners, tight spaces, and hard-to-reach areas to provide an effective clean.

          4. Two Carbon Fiber Tool Holders

          These tool holders come in two angled styles, making it easier to handle and store your brushes and other tools. Made of carbon fiber, they are lightweight yet durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

          5. Five Filter Bags

          To keep your SkyVac® 78 in top working order, it's recommended to change the filter once or twice a year, depending on usage. These filter bags are easy to fit and replace, helping to keep the inside of your machine free from dust and maintaining its performance.

          6. Carrying Bag

          This convenient carrying bag allows you to transport and store all your tools and accessories with ease. It keeps everything organized and ensures you have everything you need on hand for any cleaning task.

          The Complete Cleaning Experience

          The SkyVac® 78, with its internal tools, makes high-level dusting safe, easy, and convenient. With minimal disruption to the working area, a single operator can access projects up to 40 feet, all from the safety of the ground. This system is not only efficient but also enhances safety by eliminating the need for ladders or scaffolding.

          If you're looking for a reliable and powerful cleaning solution for your large spaces, the SkyVac® 78 is the answer. Its range of internal tools, including the pole sets, flexible hose, assorted brush tools, carbon fiber tool holders, filter bags, and carrying bag, makes it the perfect cleaning companion. Say goodbye to airborne dust and hello to a cleaner, healthier environment with the SkyVac® 78.

          So, are you ready to improve your cleaning routine with the SkyVac® 78 and its incredible internal tools? Contact Us today!

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