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SkyVac 78 and SkyVac 150: What’s the Difference?

Do you know which system is best for your needs?

The SkyVac 78 and SkyVac 150 are both high-quality high dusting vacuums designed for cleaning hard-to-reach spots, but they differ in several key features. Here's a breakdown of the differences between SkyVac 78 and SkyVac 150:

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Let's begin with the basics – the names. SkyVac 78 and SkyVac 150, with the numbers denoting the drum capacity, indicating how much dirt and debris they can hold.


Both SkyVac 78 and SkyVac 150 are your go-to assistants for high dusting tasks. They excel at addressing dust and dirt in those challenging-to-reach areas, such as high ceilings and gutters.


Consider SkyVac 150 as the powerhouse of the pair. With three motors, it provides extra power for heavy-duty cleaning. SkyVac 78 holds its own with two motors, but if you're in need of that extra punch, the 150 has got it.


SkyVac 150 offers a bit more airflow (think of it as the vacuum's breathing power) with 282 CFM. SkyVac 78 delivers a respectable 253 CFM. Generally, more airflow translates to better cleaning performance.

Drum Capacity:

This is where the numbers come into play. SkyVac 78 has a 78-liter drum, while SkyVac 150 boasts an even larger 150-liter drum. A larger drum means less frequent emptying during cleaning.


SkyVac 78 features a stainless steel drum, while SkyVac 150 sports a stainless steel drum with a plastic front. This could impact their durability and weight.

Blow Function:

SkyVac 150 has a neat trick – it can blow away debris before you start vacuuming, a handy feature.


SkyVac 150 is larger and heavier compared to SkyVac 78. This might be a consideration if storage space is limited or if you need something easy to handle.

Power Cable Length:

SkyVac 150's power cable is longer at 33 feet, while SkyVac 78 offers a 26-foot cable. A longer cable provides more flexibility in choosing where to clean.

Decibel Level:

SkyVac 150 is a bit louder, with a noise level of 76, while SkyVac 78 is quieter at 72. So, if you prefer a quieter cleaning experience, consider the 78.

Flexi Hose Length:

Both vacuums come with a 20-foot (6 meters) flexi hose, providing additional reach.

Floor Kit:

They both offer optional floor kits, making these vacuums versatile for various cleaning tasks.

SkyVac 78 and SkyVac 150 excel in their respective ways. SkyVac 150 is more powerful and spacious, ideal for substantial jobs and larger spaces. SkyVac 78 is compact and lighter, making it great for smaller areas and easier handling. 

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If you need help determining which system is best for your needs, please contact us.

Whichever you choose, you're one step closer to dust-free, squeaky-clean high spaces! 

Happy cleaning!

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