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How Does Pure Water Technology Improve Window Cleaning Results?

Ever wondered how to achieve flawless, streak-free windows using pure water technology?

Ionic Systems has made a breakthrough in window cleaning with their advanced pure water technology, establishing a new benchmark in efficiency and cleanliness.

This innovative approach utilizes highly purified water devoid of minerals and impurities, ensuring windows dry naturally without the need for chemical detergents. By eliminating dissolved solids through a rigorous filtration process, Ionic Systems' pure water technology not only boosts cleaning performance but also fosters a safer cleaning process.

Exploring the Advantages of Pure Water Cleaning

In addition to delivering spotless windows, Ionic Systems' pure water technology offers a myriad of benefits:

Environmental Responsibility: Traditional window cleaning solutions often contain harmful chemicals that can harm ecosystems. Ionic Systems' pure water method eliminates these chemicals, offering an eco-friendly alternative that reduces environmental impact.

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: The purity of the water ensures effective removal of dirt, grime, and contaminants from window surfaces, leaving them cleaner for longer periods.

Safety and Productivity: Equipped with Ionic Systems' water-fed poles and advanced filtration systems, cleaners can operate safely from ground level. This eliminates risks associated with working at heights and enhances efficiency by reducing setup time and equipment requirements.

Ionic Systems' Solutions

Explore Ionic Systems' comprehensive range of pure water systems tailored to diverse cleaning needs


Ionic Systems Trion Portable RO DI Pure Water Window Cleaning System

Ideal for residential and light commercial use, the Trion System combines reverse osmosis and de-ionization to deliver high-quality purified water. Its portable design and user-friendly features make it suitable for areas with easy access to water and electricity.

The Trion utilizes a combination of reverse osmosis and de-ionization to purify water in regions with hard water. It features a 110v electric brass pump, electric motor, and control system.

Trion 3-Stage Water FIltration


Ionic Systems QuattRO-S Stainless Steel Pure Water Window Cleaning System

Versatile and durable, the Quattro System is designed for various cleaning tasks, from tall buildings to residential properties. With robust stainless steel filtration housings, it ensures reliability and consistent performance in demanding environments.

The Quattro is available in three configurations. The standard system operates on water pressure alone (minimum 60psi) and is ideal for single-operator use at lower levels.

    • Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine and protects the RO membrane.
    • 5 Micron Filter: Eliminates impurities larger than 5 microns.
    • RO Filter: Removes up to 98% of remaining impurities.
    • DI Filter: Polishes water to zero parts per million purity.



Ionic Systems V4 Van Mounted Pure Water Window Cleaning System

The V4 System incorporates advanced features like digital flow control and dual TDS monitoring. It offers precise water purification and delivery, making it a preferred choice among professional window cleaners seeking efficiency and reliability. This system is designed for vehicle-mounted applications.

5-Stage Filtration:
    • Carbon
    • Sediment
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • De-Ionization
    • Perpetual De-Ionization



Ionic Systems Portage™️ Fusion Pure Water System for Window Cleaning

The Portage System provides a safe and portable solution for pure water window cleaning filtration. Tailored for professional cleaners, it can be easily mounted or removed from vans or trucks within minutes, allowing for multifunctional vehicle use.

Engineered as a high-performance, fully automatic five-stage RO/DI system, it includes 240V mains powered boosted fill. Standard features include PFS™️, ROMS™️, and PDI™️. This system can produce up to 3 liters of pure water per minute, depending on the mains water supply.

The Zero

Ionic Systems Reach & Wash The Zero Vehicle Mounted System for Window Cleaning

Setting a new standard in water purification, The Zero System achieves purity at zero parts per billion (0ppb). This system not only removes dissolved solids but also eliminates organic matter and bacteria, ensuring unparalleled cleaning power and maintaining filter performance over time. This system is intended for vehicle or static mounted use.

The Zero™️ System offers an advanced 8-stage water treatment process with cutting-edge automated technology, including:

  • PFS™️ Periodic Flush System: Automatically flushes the Reverse Osmosis Membrane for 2 minutes at startup and every hour during the filling process.
  • ROMS™️ Reverse Osmosis Maintenance System: Diverts pure water to the RO membrane housing at the end of each tank fill, preventing fouling by dissolved solids and enhancing membrane life.
  • PDI™️ Perpetual De-ionization: Extends DI resin contact time, achieving ultra-purification by repeatedly exposing water to the final DI polishing stage.
  • This system produces up to 5 liters (1.6 gallons) of ultra-pure water per minute at 80 psi, ensuring efficient cleaning and superior results.

Tip 💡: Did you know that the Ionic Systems Zero™️ can be used for car cleaning? Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Ionic Systems?

With over two decades of industry leadership and a commitment to innovation, Ionic Systems continues to redefine window cleaning with their pure water technology. Trusted by professional cleaners worldwide, their systems deliver exceptional results tailored to your needs.

Transform Your Window Cleaning Approach

Ready to elevate your cleaning results with Ionic Systems' pure water technology? Ionic Systems' pure water technology isn't just about cleaning windows - it's about revolutionizing cleanliness. By using the power of pure water, Ionic Systems enables cleaner and more efficient window cleaning practices that benefit businesses and the environment alike.

Visit our website today to explore our pure water systems and revolutionize your cleaning practices now!
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