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Ionic Systems Portage Fusion™️ Window Cleaning Pure Water Truck-Mount System

Ionic Systems Portage Fusion™️ Window Cleaning Pure Water Truck-Mount System

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“Finally a de-mountable tank system so I can use my van for work during the week and for play at the weekend.”


Portage™️ is the perfect solution for a safe, de-mountable pure water window cleaning filtration system. Designed for professional window cleaners, this system easily slides in-and-out of your van or truck in a couple of minutes thus freeing up your vehicle for other needs.

This low-profile tank is available in:

  • 105 gallons (400 liter)
  • 158 gallons (600 liter)
  • 211 gallons (800 liter)
Simply undo the battery quick connector, remove the mounting pin and the tank can be portaged out of your van and stored until needed for the next days work.


Portage Overview Video


Portage™ is available in a number of different specifications. The following two configurations suit the North American market.

Portage Delivery- Designed as a pure water delivery system (only) for quick pure water filling from a static water treatment system. Does not have any filtration features, simply designed for delivery with tank and pump.

Portage Fusion- Designed as a high-performance, fully automatic five-stage RO/DI system with 240vv mains powered boosted fill, PFS™️, ROMS™️, & PDI™️ are all standard features. (Pure water production up to 3 liters per minute dependent on mains water supply)

Please speak with your Clean Direct Rep to discuss other model types available for your area. It may be necessary for your rep to configure your system and send you a quote.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design provides easy access to controls for easy operation and to the filter system for ease of maintenance. We’ve incorporated a handy tool tray for water fed poles, window cleaning tools and drinks cans.

Both the 158 Gallon & 211 gallon tanks have mounting points for the optional multi-position stainless steel hose reels. These are positioned for easy access via the side loading doors.

Unlike other flat tank systems, the underside of the Portage™ tank has been carefully designed to ensure that 100% of tank capacity runs to the 12v delivery pumps. So unless you’re parked on a steep incline you’ll be able to use every drop of the tanks water capacity even when the water level is low.

Built with Safety In Mind

Window cleaner safety has always been our highest priority. The Portage™ design was inspired after re-watching hours of crash test footage from our 2003 Thatcham crash test program. The lifting forces generated during a certain phase of a head on crash are considerable. For that reason most of the clamping on our other FMVSS-208 tested designs can be found at the rear of the framework. In a head on crash with Portage™ fitted in a van the absence of clamps at the rear of the tank allows the tank to lift and be arrested by the roof of the van instead. The dimensions of the tank and the FMVSS-208 brackets that fix the tank securely to the chassis at the front combine to prevent the heavy water filled tank from colliding with the driver and passenger seats to avoid fatal crush injuries. The benefit of this design is that whilst security is maintained the tank can be removed in minutes leaving the vehicle free for other uses.

Mounting in a Pickup Truck-

A fitting kit is not required for Portage™ tanks that are carried in pickup vehicles. It is however recommended that Portage™ tanks that completely fill the load space are selected. Although it is not a requirement, it is also recommended that Portage™ tanks are secured with ‘tie-down’ straps when transported in pickup type vehicles. If tie-down straps are not used then it is recommended to use wooden blocks to prevent lateral and front to back movement of the tank

Mounting in a Van or on a flatbed trailer-

It must be understood that in the event of a head-on collision an unsecured heavy load need only move the driver and passenger seats forward a small distance for the pre-tensioned seat belts to cause fatal compression injuries. For this reason a Portage™ fitting kit must be installed by a competent person in all vans even when a bulkhead is present. In the event of a head on collision the fitting kits resists the forward movement of the Portage™ tank. The fitting instructions must be followed in every detail.

12 Volt Connection-

Bearing in mind the demountable nature of the Portage™ tank system, the standard 12v connection is made by means of a quick connect fly-lead that plugs into the cigarette lighter. For more permanent installations are intended other more robust 12v power sources with split charging and quick connections are available as optional extras.

Portage Product Video


Ionic Portage Comparison 400L vs 600L vs 800L Window Cleaning System



The 158 gallon (600L) and 211 gallon (800L) size Portage are designed with a top cover (with storage compartments) and has enough room to mount two hose reels towards the back of the unit.

Because the 105 gallon (400L) size Portage is shorter it does not have the same room to accommodate the hose reels so we have designed an optional custom size cover that has the ability to mount hose reels. This is an optional item, sold separately. Please ask your Clean Direct Rep for details.

 Optional Portage Cover and Hose Reels for Ionic 400L Size Portage


Standard Features for the Portage™️ Fusion System

Included as standard:

  • Main Unit with Tank
  • Twin 12v Delivery Pumps
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Dual TDS Meter
  • Automatic Fill Shut Off (after cycle completes)
  • Auto-Compensating Pump Flow Control
  • 12" Carbon Filter
  • 12" Sediment Filter
  • 12" DI Filter
  • 4029 RO Filter
  • PDI™️ 
  • PFS™️ (Perpetual Flushing System)
  • ROMS™️ (Reverse Osmosis Maintenance System)
  • Plastic Housings for Carbon, Sediment & DI Filters
  • Stainless Steel Housing for RO Membrane


  • Fitting Kit for Portage Fusion Van/Trailer (FKPF-V)
  • Cast Mounting Brackets (FMVSS-208)
  • Mountable Steel Hose Reels
  • Ionic RX Hose (sold as one length 328 ft. / 100m) (suitable for hot water)
  • Variable Pump Control
  • Dual 360º Stainless Steel Hose Reels (P-SHR x 2)
  • Split Charger
  • Stainless Steel Tank (ask us for custom quote)

Optional for Hard Water Areas:

In-line water softeners are highly recommended for use in hard water areas. TDS readings over 200 would be considered hard water area.

 Ionic Systems Portage Diagram



105 Gallons (400 L) - Length = 4 ft 9 in, Width = 4 ft, Height = 1 ft 7 in

158 Gallons (600 L) - Length = 6 ft 5 in, Width = 4 ft, Height = 1 ft 7 in

211 Gallons (800 L) - Length = 8 ft 2 in, Width = 4 ft, Height = 1 ft 7 in

Special Note

All Portage shipments require to be packed in a 6 sided crate for safe shipment from the UK manufacturing plant to our facility in NC. We do charge our actual cost for this crate to the customer as a separate line item. Please ask your Clean Direct Sales Rep to supply you a quote. Local pick up is also available but crate charge still applies.

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