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Goodbye Gum!

Goodbye Gum! Battery Backpack Gum Removal System

Goodbye Gum! Battery Backpack Gum Removal System

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The Goodbye Gum! backpack is an eco friendly, lightweight and efficient gum removal system. It allows the operator to remove discarded gum, condiment stains, stickers and such from any surface in seconds. This includes asphalt, tarmac, block pavers, natural stone, concrete, wood and even carpets.

The unit is attached to an ergonomic, lightweight lance designed to insure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal. The clever pump injects the exact amount of gum removal solution into the lance and provides a constant source of vaporized solution at the point of contact.

The cleaning solution is a Ph Neutral and safe steam mixture which virtually vaporizes the gum leaving behind a little bit of residue which can quickly be brushed away. You might compare it to what's left behind after a pencil eraser does it job. The combination of heat and eco friendly detergent means a wad of gum can be removed in seconds and without disrupting the public.

Goodbye Gum! eliminates the need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals, large, heavy pressure washing equipment, over-spray into unwanted spaces and is highly suitable to work in populated, busy areas both outdoors and indoors.

The lithium ion battery is interchangeable and with additional batteries can be used in a continuous operating cycle with a minimum of 80 minutes of use per battery.

  • Backpack gum removal unit with harness
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack (80 minutes run time)
  • Battery Charger (fast charger of 100 minutes)
  • Fluid Regulator
  • Service Pack with quantity 4 - 2 Liter bottles of detergent, 2 stainless steel brushes (hard surfaces) and 1 soft nylon brush (carpet, soft surfaces)

Buy extra service pack here.

Buy extra battery here.

Buy extra brushes here.

  • Weight when empty: 12 lb 2 oz (5.5 kgs)
  • Weight when loaded with 1 bottle detergent and battery: 17 Lb 10 oz (8 kgs)
  • Lance Weight: 3 lb 1 oz (1.4 kgs)

How does Goodbye Gum! work?

We have two types of machines, each type is carried in a lightweight backpack, with the unit attached to an ergonomic lance specially designed to ensure fast and easy operation. All machines house a lithium battery. The pump moves the detergent into the boiler in the lance, where it is then heated to approximately 203°F (95° Celsius) degrees Celsius. This is the ideal temperature for vaporizing gum and removing sticky labels without damaging the surface.

What consumables are required?

All of our machines require service packs. Goodbye Gum! battery service packs consist of 4 x 2-liter bottles of detergent, 2 stainless steel brushes and 1 soft-nylon brush. Goodbye Gum! Gas service packs are the same but also include a gas canister. 

Does the machine require any external power or water supply?

No, there is no external power or water supply required. This allows easy operation on the go without any trailing leads or noisy generators.

How is the heat generated?

In the Goodbye Gum! battery unit, the detergent gets heated by a heater that is generated by a lithium battery. The gas version combines both battery and gas to generate the heat.

What type of detergent is used?
We’re committed to using only eco-friendly products, so our unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil, making it completely biodegradable.

What’s the difference between the models?

All machines offer the same performance, it’s the features and the way the heat is generated that differ. For example, the battery unit is run solely on a lithium battery, it is lightweight and gives 80 minutes of continuous usage with an interchangeable battery. This makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor work.  The gas unit has an 8-hour continuous run time, making it the most effective eco-friendly cleaning solution but is primarily designed for outdoor work only.

What type of warranty is provided?

Each of our machines come with a standard 12-month warranty, which covers all parts and labor. Shipping costs are paid by the owner. The warranty is based on fair usage and the use of our recommended consumables. Use of water or other consumables voids the warranty. Operator breakage is not covered.

What happens if the machine breaks down?

All of our machines deliver not just high performance but also reliability. However, if there’s a problem, please contact us where a member of our team will assist you. 

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