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Ionic Systems

Ionic Systems Roof Wand™

Ionic Systems Roof Wand™

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Until now, roof cleaning has always been a job that presents many challenges, either with costly forms of safe access, with the hire of scaffolding or powered access, and once you have gained access, the need to remove moss or lichen, before applying a biocide to kill the organic life living on there.

The NEW Ionic Roof Wand ™ offers a safe form of access that allows the operative to work from the safety of the ground, to not only remove moss and lichen, but leave the tiles clean and the roof looking like new.

The uniquely patented, high pressure Roof Wand ™ with turbo nozzles, allows for fast coverage of cleaning. The nozzles rotate at high speed to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray.

As water is forced down onto the surface, it creates a hovering action which allows the operative to easily direct and control to wash down a roof.

The Roof Wand ™ is used with a telescopic mast, that allows the operative to gain access over roofs and difficult to access areas with ease and with limited effort.

Key Features: 

  • Innovative design enables safe working from the ground.
  • Roof Wand offers an all-in-one, safe alternative to pre-existing methods.
  • One price, for life. Eliminate the need for renting costly access equipment.
  • 27 ft vertical adjustment
  • 30° Horizontal Adjustment
  • Remote control


The three components that make up this solution are:

  • Trolley 
  • Mast
  • Pole Kit

For the trolley there are two options available:  Pumped and non-pumped. The pumped version allows the operator to use the trolley as a pure water reservoir for window cleaning.  Pure water production system not included.

PLEASE NOTE: Pressure Washer (not included)

    The ideal pressure washer will be approximately 3000 psi, 5 GPM and the roof wand will reach approximately 60 ft high.



    • Trolley (pumped or non-pumped)
    • Mast
    • Pole Kit- Pole, Nozzles & Connectors

    PLEASE NOTE: This does not include a pressure washer. If you do not currently own one then you will need to purchase one. Pressure Washer specifications should be a minimum of 3000psi and 5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM).

    • Length of Roof Wand: 59 ft 1 in (18M)
    • Length of individual poles for Roof Wand: 6ft 7in (2M)
    • Length of Roof Mast
      • Section 1: 202.6cm
      • Section 2: 161.6cm
      • Section 3: 157.7cm
      • Section 4: 153.8cm
      • Section 5: 149.7cm
      • Section 6: 145.7cm
      • Section 7: 141.4cm
    • Mast Trolley uses transverse clamps
    • Roof Wand uses 2 transverse clamps on the handle sections and the rest are push fit
    • Fitting between Roof Wand pole and Roof Mast is a high pressure hydraulic type hose rated at 2500psi
    • Pole fitting: Hose and trigger assembly connectors are TST series 165.5 inch
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