Ionic Systems Thermopure Hotbox™️ for Hot Water Delivery

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  • $5,999 USD

Hot water cleans better!

When heated, pure water becomes an even more powerful cleaning agent, Winter or Summer, adding the compact Hotbox™ to your cold water van-mounted system will give you Initial cleans on even the dirtiest most neglected windows and surfaces. These become a breeze, saving you valuable water and time to fit more work into your day!

In the Winter frozen hoses and cold hands become a thing of the past, clearly the HotBox™ is an upgrade that’ll pay for itself and add to your profit in a very short time.

Hot Water is now more popular than ever when it comes to choosing a new system, but cold-water systems can be upgraded to hot with the HotBox™ from Ionic Systems.

Drawing diesel from either the vehicle’s own tank or a separate remote tank, the HotBox™ is simple to operate and incorporate their own battery charging system. The HotBox™️ uses the same diesel burners as the Thermopure™️ Systems and are capable of hot water within minutes of activation. Available in 5.2kW Mini or 9kW Maxi versions, Hotbox™️ is powerful enough to provide piping hot water all year round.

Perfect for hot and tinted glass. Cut through baked-on dirt. Clean really dirty structures, cladding, metal surfaces, etc. Clean during really cold weather...melt ice and snow.