SkyVac®️ SkyScraper Telescopic Package with Pole, Head & Blades (Choose Size)

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The SkyVac®️ SkyScraper is the world's most efficient moss removal system which eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss.

Here you can choose one of three telescopic SkyPoles to be bundled with your SkyScraper. Please choose a 24ft, 34ft, or 44ft reach sized pole.

Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach it to a telescopic pole (like the SkyPole) position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use locking mechanism to swap blades over quickly
  • Adjustable crank to suit gradient of roof
  • Adjustable multi-directional head to suit the roof angle and to allow moss removal from dormer window roofs

 Included Items
  • SkyScraper Head
  • Eleven blade types for a variety of roof tile profiles

    SkyScraper head with blade weighs approximately 14oz (400 grams)