SkyVac Carbon Fiber Vacuum Poles (Standard, Friction Fit)

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Carbon fiber is an advanced ultra light weight and extremely strong material most often found in Aerospace and expensive sports cars although like all advanced technology it is finding its way into more and more applications. Being high-tech, carbon fiber is relatively easy to work with.

SkyVac Standard Carbon Fiber Vacuum Poles are the lightest on the market (310 grams or 10.93 oz each). We designed a unique, guaranteed locking quick-fit joint (friction fit) that makes them extremely fast to assemble... 4 stories in less than 1 minute.

The friction fit style of pole is great for internal high-dusting application. Choose the 44mm size for this application. We also offer the legacy 52mm size in case you need to replace a lost or broken pole from your previous purchase. If you are looking to purchase a new set of poles/tools for gutter cleaning then please see our new Elite Carbon Fiber Poles.

As a safety note, SkyVac Poles are conducive to electricity. They do have a micro layer of fiberglass which makes them less conducive than metal but the operative should be careful around all electrical lines. If you need non-conductive poles then see our Trackside Poles.