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SkyVac®️ Elite Hi-Flow End Tool

SkyVac®️ Elite Hi-Flow End Tool

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Great for Pine Needles and Moss Crumbs! Pine needles often knit together and forming challenging clumps. This tool's wide funnel helps to channel the pine needles into the suction pipe and out of the gutters.

Please Note: The Elite Pole and Rigid Neck Tool Holder shown in the images is for illustration purposes only and is not included with this item.

Key Features:

  • Fits neatly into the SkyVac® Elite Anti-block hairpin neck tool holder
  • Helps air circulate more effectively around lighter gutter debris

Included Items

1 x SkyVac®️ Hif-Flow End Tool

  • Length: Approximately 11in (270mm)
  • Diameter at opening end: Approximately: 4.75in x 3in (120mm x 75mm)
  • Weight: Approximately 4 oz (110 grams)
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