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SkyVac®️ Up & Over Tool

SkyVac®️ Up & Over Tool

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The Up & Over Tool allows access to gutters which may be set further back, giving you that extra reach to clean them.

*Please note: This tool does not come with an Elite Pole- the images are for illustrative purposes only*

The Up & Over Tool is ideal for use on buildings where the gutters are set back further than on residential properties.

Some examples of these types of properties include estate homes, leisure centers, hospitals, or other commercial buildings.

This tool fits into either our standard rigid neck pole or directly into the Elite Poles, allowing you to effectively clean these difficult to reach gutters.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Elite Poles or Standard Rigid Neck Pole
  • For cleaning gutters or high reach areas which are set further back
  • Can also reach over parapet walls and aid in reaching gutters over conservatories
Included Items

1 x Up & Over Tool

  • Height: 28" (720mm)
  • Width: 27" (690mm)
  • Material: Aluminum
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