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SkyVac® Viper End Tool

SkyVac® Viper End Tool

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NEW: SkyVac® Elite Viper tool offers two extended forks to allow more thorough gutter clear outs. This tool can help tear through the turf and scrape away the more stubborn debris. The two forks allow you to dig deep and tackle those areas that might not be as accessible with a standard end tool. This tool is ideal for those tougher jobs that require a helping hand, or should we say claw?

Compatible with the SkyVac® Elite Tool Holders.

Please Note: Hairpin Rigid Neck Tool Holder not included.

Included Items

1 x Viper End Tool

  • 16 in (410mm) Long (From end tool base to longest claw)
  • 11.5in (295mm) Long (From end tool base to suction entry point)
  • 1.7in (4mm) Diameter 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Long claw 4.5 inches (From tip of end tool)
  • Short claw 4 inches (From tip of end tool)
  • Compatible with Elite Tool Holders 
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