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SkyVac® Floor Kit for Wet & Dry Vacuuming

SkyVac® Floor Kit for Wet & Dry Vacuuming

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SkyVac®️ Wet & Dry Floor Kit

A handy addition for your SkyVac® Vacuum, the floor tool kit can tackle dirt, debris, spills and standing water across a range of hard surfaces as well as giving those carpets a deep clean.

The set comprises of three 16in (40.5cm) heads (water pick up / hard floor/ carpet), 6 ft 7in (2M) of 1.5in (38mm) hose along with an easy store handle. The 2in (50mm) Inlet cuff is compatible with all SkyVac® wet and dry gutter vacuums.

Ideal for floor vacuuming projects, the floor tool kit comes with three 1ft 4in (40.5cm) brush heads to tackle spills, dust and debris. 

  • Water Pick Up Head: Quickly remove standing water from hard surfaces, ideal for spills and clearing up standing water. A great way to clear excess water from pressure washer projects, especially on those projects with poor drainage. Sucking up the standing water clears the dirt and debris quickly, getting the job done faster with less mess
  • Hard Floor Head: Ideal for garage floors, tiled floors, concrete floors - or any hard surface in need of dirt and dust pick up
  • Carpet Floor Brush: With bristled bars to rake the dirt and debris from the carpet pile

Simply Plug into your SkyVac® suction port and vacuum.

Supplied with a 2in (50mm) drum cuff which is compatible with the SkyVac® Mighty Atom, Commercial, Industrial 85 and Interceptor.

Simply insert the drum cuff with 9 ft 10in (3m) Hose into the suction port, attach to the floor handle and select the right floor end tool for the project.

Included items
  • 2in (50mm) Drum to 1.5in (38mm) Hose Cuff
  • 1.5in (38mm) Diameter Flexi Hose at 9ft 10in
  • Inlet Side Cuff for Fitting the Tools
  • 2 x Aluminium/Plastic Tubes
  • Plastic Bent End
  • Dry Floor Brush
  • Wet Floor Brush
  • Carpet Floor Brush
  • Brush Head Width: 1ft 4in (405mm)
  • Brush Head Opening Diameter: 1.75in (44mm)
  • Hose: 1.5in (38mm) Diameter Flexi Hose x 9ft 10in (3m)
  • Inlet Cuff: 2in (50mm) Drum - 1.5in (38mm) Hose
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