Collection: OneCart Cleaning Cart

Comes in 4 different prebuilt configurations. You can purchase the cart system by itself, purchase it with a Mop Pad Starter Package or purchase it with a Cleano Starter Package.

First Choose what size:

  • OneCart 200 (2 Buckets)
  • OneCart 300 (3 Buckets)
  • OneCart 310 (3 Buckets)
  • OneCart 400 (4 Buckets)

Then Choose if you would like:

  • Cart only - has frame & buckets but no pads or Cleano
  • Cart + Starter - has frame, buckets & starter pads, no Cleano
  • Cart + Cleano - has frame, buckets, starter pads and Cleano

Note: Please choose the style you are interested in using the drop down arrow. Please ask us if you have any questions about what is included in each package.

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